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New Asset: Music Festival Social Media Visual Kit

New Asset: Music Festival Social Media Visual Kit

It’s finally festival season! After a two-year long pandemic break, the music festivals started to sprout again. The vibe, the atmosphere, the people and the music. Nothing beats attending a festival and dancing to all types of music. Techno, EDM, hip-hop, rock or pop. Genres only matter if you are there for a specific artist or band.

Organizing a festival can be overwhelming but after the event, it was all worth it. Happy people, good music, awesome memories. That’s what festivals are for. 

We created a festival kit to promote your event on digital channels. There a four different types of vertical templates to put your line up on. And also six different square templates to promote the artist on your social. You can differentiate them with artists' images so you can use them in all your communication campaigns.

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