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New Assets: Glass Morphism – 15 Different Styles and 1000+ Shapes & Elements Bundle

Glass Morphism – 15 Different Styles

Glass morphism is a visual effect style that makes use of the properties of glass to beautify your visual projects. It gives a translucent or transparent appearance and sense to its factors. It’s just like looking through a glass, whether it’s ice cold or just plain and see-through!

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1000+ Shapes & Elements Bundle

We are all aware that creators no longer have to create something from scratch. The abundance of content and assets enables them to make anything. Everything is a remix and a new variant of old ideas. Some people mix the old stories with a new aesthetic and some would blend many ideas to come out with one. Our contribution to this remix-era is our unique shapes and elements.

We have been creating shapes and design element packs since 2021 and it’s time to merge them into a giant bundle with special additions! With this bundle, you will get a total of 1000 vector shapes and assets; the rest is your creativity. There are 9 products in total and created special shapes for this bundle.

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